Teacher Recommended Websites

The following sites can be helpful to you at home to help students enhance their learning in a fun and interactive way.  These were all suggested by teachers at South Central Elementary.

www.spellingcity.com - practice activities to improve spelling skills
www.funbrain.com - games for every subject

www.mrnussbaum.com - games for every subject
www.cashmancuneo.net/students.htm - games for every grade level and subject

www.aplusmath.com - math games to help with basic skills.

www.iknowthat.com - educational games for all grade levels

www.softschools.com - online practice and printable worksheets
www.practicespot.com/home.php - helpful with practicing instruments at home.

www.metronomeonline.com - an online metronome to help keep a steady beat.

www.alfred.com/img/AccentOnAchievment/freeresources/index.htm - online fingering charts

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