Chromebook Initiative

Since 2016, each student in grades K-12 at South Central has received a school-issued Chromebook as part of their curricular materials for the school year. The Chromebook is issued toLenovo 300e Chromebook the student in the same way textbooks are rented from the school corporation.

Why Chromebooks?
Chromebooks are simple, secure, and shareable devices that educators and students can use to create and collaborate together. They also provide a variety of apps/extensions, online file storage, and automatic updates. In addition, Chromebooks are much more cost-effective compared to other types of devices.

Chromebook Guidelines
Students are allowed to take Chromebooks home for use on homework and eLearning assignments. All devices will be monitored and the web content will be filtered, both at school and when taken home. Students are responsible for the care and upkeep of the device, which includes ensuring the Chromebook is charged nightly and is ready for use at school each morning. All students receive a Chromebook, charger, and protective carrying work-in case that is to be used at all times.

Current devices for students include:
  • Lenovo 300e 2nd Generation (grades 1-11)
  • HP 11 G6 EE (kindergarten & 12th grade)
In addition to the provisions of the South Central Responsible Use Policy, the following additional items apply to students participating in the 1:1 Chromebook program:
  • Students will bring their Chromebooks to school each morning with the battery fully charged.
  • Students will transport their Chromebook to and from school in the school-issued carrying case and will store the Chromebook in a secure location when not in use.
  • Students will keep their Chromebooks clean with no attached stickers or other items that might deface or damage the Chromebook finish, screen, or other components.
  • No attempts will be made without school permission to modify, reconfigure, or repair the Chromebook. Repairs are done only by South Central technology department staff (or by a 3rd insurance company). 
  • Students will immediately report all malfunctions, damage, or loss of a Chromebook to a classroom teacher or the technology department.
  • Student/parent/guardian will be financially accountable for any repairs due to damage, loss, or theft of the device.
  • Loss or theft of the Chromebook must be reported to the school district by the next school day after the occurrence and a police report may be required.
  • Students will use their Chromebook during the school day only for school-related purposes.
  • Students will not connect their Chromebook to any other non-district wireless network while at school.
  • Students who withdraw from the school must return the device along, along with all issued accessories, at the time they leave the district. Fees collected as part of this program will not be refunded.

Chromebook Repair Costs
School-issued Chromebooks are to be repaired by the technology department only. Any attempt to modify, reconfigure, or repair the Chromebook is prohibited unless permission is given by the department. Students/parents/guardians are financially accountable for repairs due to damage, loss, or theft of the device.

 Lenovo 300e Chromebook    HP 11 G6 EE Chromebook
 Chromebook replacement $220.00    Chromebook replacement $260.00
 AC adapter $40.00    AC adapter $40.00
 Touch screen $113.00    Touch screen $76.00
 Motherboard $200.00    Motherboard $150.00
 Keyboard $50.00    Keyboard $60.00
 Backcover (top) $30.00    Backcover (top) $30.00
 Bottom cover $23.00    Bottom cover $36.00
 Hinge set $25.00    Bezel $28.00
 Touch LCD cable $20.00    Touch LCD cable $20.00
 Battery $55.00    Battery $50.00
 Powerboard with cable $38.00    Carrying case $27.50
 Camera board $23.00      
 Spine cover $16.00      
 Carrying case $27.50      
 These are estimated costs and are subject to change without notice. Costs are per incident and will be assessed as such. South Central does not profit off of any repairs made. Prices are accurate as of 9/22/21.

Insurance Options
South Central Community School Corporation does not offer an insurance policy for Chromebooks. However, purchasing device insurance is optional. We recommend contacting your insurance company and/or other third-party insurers to inquire about the policies they offer. These are a few third-party insurance vendors that work with many other school districts and have plans specifically for Chromebooks:
The school does not receive payments or incentives for recommending any of the above insurers or any other companies.