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    While using the virtual modality, students can expect to see their teachers through recorded videos, Google Meets, etc. Teachers will be in their classrooms and available throughout the school day to answer questions and offer assistance. You may call the school/teacher, email, message through Canvas, or set up a Google Meet for face-to-face assistance any time during school hours.

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    Chromebook Information
    Since 2016, students in grades K-12 at South Central each receive a school-issued Chromebook. Chromebooks are simple, secure, and shareable devices that educators and students can use to create and collaborate together. They also provide a variety of apps/extensions, online file storage, and automatic updates. Learn more here.
    Having technical issues?
    Please visit the "Help Articles & Videos" tab above for basic tutorials and tips regarding common questions/issues. If you're experiencing any technical issues during an eLearning or virtual day, send the technology department an email at or call the respective school office. If the issue pertains to an individual assignment or activity, contact the teacher first.
    Note: Emails sent after school office hours (7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday) may not be answered until the next school day.
  • Help Articles & Videos
    If you're experiencing any technical issues during an eLearning or virtual day, please contact us at and we will reach out as soon as possible. The articles and videos below may help with common questions or issues.
    Note: Emails sent after school office hours (7:30am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday) may not be answered until the next school day.


    Connecting Chromebook to Wi-Fi

    Please reference this Google support article on how to connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi:

    Updating a Chromebook

    Chromebooks should automatically check and download available updates over Wi-Fi, however, there may be times when you should check for updates manually.
    1. In the bottom right, select the time.
    2. Select Settings .
    3. At the bottom of the left panel, select About Chrome OS.
    4. Under "Google Chrome OS," you'll find which version of the Chrome operating system your Chromebook uses.
    5. Select Check for updates.
    6. If your Chromebook finds a software update, it will start to download automatically
    7. Select Restart to Update when the update is finished.

    Removing a User Account from a Chromebook

    Taking Screenshots on a Chromebook

    Please reference this Google support article on how to take a full screenshot:

    Please reference this Google support article on how to take a partial screenshot:

    Adding a Printer on a Chromebook

    Please reference this Google support article on how to set up a printer on your Chromebook:

    Using CAPS Lock on a Chromebook

    Please reference this Google support article on how to use CAPS lock on a Chromebook:


    Signing In to Canvas as a Student

    Students will need to visit the following website to sign in:

    If you are signed in to multiple Google accounts on your Chromebook or personal device, please make sure to select your South Central Google account. If you accidentally click on the wrong account and receive an error, use the following website:

    Accessing Canvas on a Personal Device

    Students can access Canvas from any device and/or any browser, however, some assigned tests or quizzes may require software that is only available on the school-issued Chromebook. To access Canvas from another device/browser, visit and sign in with the student's South Central Google account. This information is the same as the Chromebook login, including

    Accessing Canvas on a Mobile Device

    The following links provide instructions on how to access our Canvas site from your mobile device:

    Our institution's Canvas URL for students is
    Username and password is the same as your Chromebook login, including the

    Creating a Canvas Observer Account

    Parents/guardians can sign up as an observer in Canvas. Observers can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment dues dates, announcements, and other course content. The following links will help with setting this up:

    Your student will need to first generate a pairing code to link to your observer account:

    Create your observer account and add student pairing codes:

    Our institution's Canvas URL for parents is
    You will use this website to create and sign in to your Canvas observer account. You will not use the same URL that students use.

    Signing In to Canvas as an Observer

    Parents/guardians that have created a Canvas observer account will need to visit the following website to sign in:

    Note: Observers cannot use the same URL that students use to sign in to their Canvas accounts.

    Google Chrome & Accounts

    Using SC Web Bookmarks in Google Chrome

    Resetting Website Permissions in Google Chrome

    Resetting Google Chrome to Default Settings

    Download Data from your South Central Google Account


    Internet Access Options

    Families within the South Central school district have multiple options for internet access depending on their community. Providers include but are not limited to Comcast, Frontier, HughesNet, Mediacom, Surf Broadband, and Viasat. Comcast also offers a program called Internet Essentials, which provides a discounted rate ($9.95 per month) for eligible families. South Central has purchased a limited number of LTE hotspots that families may borrow for a period of time. Please contact the respective school office for more information.

    Additionally, the following locations provide free public Wi-Fi that can be used on eLearning or virtual days:
    • South Central School Parking Lot: 9808 S 600 W, Union Mills, Indiana 46382 (view map)
    • Kankakee Valley REMC East Parking Lot: 8642 W US Hwy 30, Wanatah, Indiana 46390
    • Union Mills Public Library: 3727 W 800 S, Union Mills, Indiana 46382
    • Hanna Public Library: 108 E West Street, Hanna, Indiana 46340
    • Wanatah Public Library: 114 South Main Street, Wanatah, Indiana 46390

    Technology Services We Use

    Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) used by all students. A learning management system is a web-based software application that provides a platform for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of digital education material and courses. In short, an LMS is where teachers will post announcements, assignments, resources, quizzes, tests, and other course-related materials for students to access. Within Canvas, South Central students will access a calendar that shows information for all of their courses, they will access course materials, collaborate with their peers and teachers, submit assignments, and take assessments.

    Harmony is a student information system (SIS) used by staff at South Central. Harmony at its simplest allows teachers to take attendance, track assignments/grades, add discipline entries, and create report cards. Office staff use Harmony for student demographics, attendance reporting, discipline entries, scheduling, state reports, and online registration. Harmony Family Access allows parents/guardians to create accounts that can view their student's grades, discipline, attendance, and class schedules. Additionally, parents/guardians can make online payments for textbook rental and cafeteria lunch accounts

    Lightspeed Filter
    South Central utilizes Lightspeed Filter to enforce, monitor, and track website history on all school-issued devices whether it's at school or at home. Lightspeed Filter is a cloud-based filter that ensures South Central is CIPA compliant by blocking inappropriate websites and that all web activity is tracked and reported. Parents/guardians will also receive a weekly emailed report of their student's web activity.

    Using Dyknow allows teachers and administrators to remotely monitor screens and track/control website usage on a student's school-issued Chromebook. Dyknow helps eliminate digital distractions during class and helps teachers effectively use Chromebooks and other online resources in their classroom.
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